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GLASSROCK CAPITAL provides privately held companies with minority (less than control) growth equity as well as buyout or majority junior capital to facilitate recapitalizations, owner dividends and sale transactions. Each investment can be tailored to meet specific objectives regarding optimal operational cash requirements associated with growing businesses, as well as owner liquidity.


  • Early Stage Growth Equity Financings, Typically "Angel" or Series A

  • Less than 50% Ownership or Non-Control

  • Board Position

  • Up to $500,000 Investment per Platform

  • Stand-Alone or Co-Investment with Institutional Capital Provider(s)

  • Annual or Recurring Revenue (ARR) of $1MM - $15MM+

  • Cash Flow Negative or Positive

  • Geography: United States


  • Later Stage Capital for Change of Control Transactions

  • More than 50% Ownership or Control

  • Board Position or Observation Rights

  • Co-Investment with Institutional Capital Provider(s)

  • Annual Revenue of $10MM - $300MM+

  • EBITDA of $3MM - $30MM+

  • Geography: United States

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